I’ve had a productive week!

One of the good things about having a million projects in the works is that every once in a while you complete a handful in a single week.

Over the past week I’ve completed this asymmetric triangle scarf – one of my favorite free patterns. You can find it here.

Of course, I modify the pattern slightly. I don’t like starting a row with a yarn over (yo), so I k2 and then yo. On the other side of the fabric, I knit through the back of the yo, kfb, k1 to end the increase row.

I’ve made this scarf a few times – the first with Madeline Tosh DK in Paper and Vanilla Bean (my absolutely favorite version). This version is Malabrigo Arroyo (DK weight) Fresco y Seco (the semi-solid green) and Indiecita using sz 8 needles.

I’m currently working on a version of this scarf in Anzula’s Squishy in Maple, Peach and Cocoa. It’s going to be LOVELY. It might even top my Tosh DK version.

But the scarf just the first thing I finished this week. I also made some head gear:

The bonnets were a huge hit during the fall craft shows – these two are made from Purl Soho’s Merino Script in Stone (left) and Cascade EcoDuo in Vanilla (right). A friend who bought one of my bonnets for her daughter told me she needed and adjustable strap for a better fit, so I made these two with multiple button holes – a necessary and perfect adjustment to my original pattern, which is in Joelle Hoverson’s More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. True to the title, these little gems only take me about an hour or two to make from co to woven in ends & sewn on button. Super satisfying!

The pointy hat is cuter on my 3yo, but it fits me too! It’s a super simple pattern: co 96 with a sz 5 16″ circular and work in a 1×1 rib for 3.75″, then switch to 7’s and work in stockinette for about 4″. Then place a marker every 24 stitches and k2tog at each marker (including your beginning of round marker) every 3rd row (that’s knit 2 rows, decrease on the 3rd) until there are only 4 stitches left. Sew them up and add a little tassel. Easy peasy! And SUPER CUTE. I’ll definitely be making more of these for this year’s fall craft shows. The yarn I used here: Cascade 220 Superwash in Silver Gray for the brim & tassel, Purl Soho’s Worsted Twist Heather in Dijon Yellow and Mixed Olive.

Udda poncho in an adult size
Udda poncho in an adult size

And that’s a lot for one week. But it’s not all! My first post was about starting some ponchos. Well, the cotton poncho is officially on the back burner (just couldn’t get into it), but the asymmetric poncho is dunzo! I love it. I will do it again in some nicer yarn and make a few changes:

The pattern starts at the cuff and after completing the cuff calls for the knitting to split into a flat piece of fabric. I’m going to continue working in the round for about 15″ — there’s no point in having an open under arm past the cuff and I think it will make it drape nicely to keep the sleeve in the round.

I’m also not going to use a contrast yarn to bind off – I think it looks cute on a kid, but it’s a little too much for an adult version.


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